Talking Jayhawk Music & Arts Festival!

August 4, 2017

L-R: Troub Stone, Baz Shaw, Corey Alan Rose, Sonny (the cat), James Durham, Mullins (pic by Stu. Thanks!)

You’d be hard pressed to convince me that we didn’t have a great time on this week’s episode of The Northwest Georgia Music Hour. I mean, Baz Shaw was here from the future! The outlaw arrived in time to tell us all about this Saturday’s Jayhawk Music & Arts Festival in Chickamauga. He also brought along members of the Corey Alan Rose band and we enjoyed some of their tunes live.

This was also my last show as host of The Northwest Georgia Music Hour. It has been an honor and a blessing to be able to share the talent of Northwest Georgia on the airwaves of 95.7 The Ridge. The weekly show will remain and Stu McFab will take the helm. I couldn’t think of a better host. He’s become one of my all-time best friends and is equally enthusiastic about the quality of music that represents this beautiful region. I will continue to consider myself part of the Davis family whether they like it or not. I love them with all my heart and appreciate the love that they have shown me over the years. I also tip my hat to Stephens’ Music Company who have sponsored the show for the entirety of it’s existence. That’s amazing! There’s no doubt about their investment in the local music community. I appreciate them beyond words.  Here’s what we heard this week.

Craig Conway – Move On
Donny Hammonds – You Can Have Everything
Professor BZ – whitecar
Gary Greene – Daydreaming Again
Baz Shaw & Troub Stone – Dirty Ol’ Rock n’ Roller (live)
Sweet GA Brown – Whiskey
Corey Alan Rose & James Durham – Bottle Down (live)
Mic Harrison & The High Score – Salt Stained Road
Corey Alan Rose & James Durham – American Dream (live)

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The Northwest Georgia Music Hour airs every Wednesday at noon on 95.7 The Ridge and is sponsored weekly by Stephens’ Music Company in Rome.

This blog is a compendium to MullinsMania.com, celebrating the talent of Rome and Northwest Georgia. Thanks!


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