A visit with JR from Bigfoot Music & Outdoors!

July 12, 2017

Mullins, Jimmy, John Roberson (pic by Stu. Thanks!)

John “JR” Roberson is the CEO of Bigfoot Music & Outdoors. Along with business partner Greg Hampton, JR takes pride in successfully forwarding the careers of talented musicians.  Bigfoot is highly invested in the music community of Northwest Georgia and is focused on assisting it reach it’s fullest potential. Stu and I enjoyed hanging out with JR this week on The Northwest Georgia Music Hour. We also got to make a new friend, Jimmy, who loves his Nana’s spaghetti. Here’s what we heard.

Clay Broome w/ Jessica Lynn – Paper of Pins
Bennie Gray & The Trailer Park Cowboys – Restless
Clay Broome w/ Jessica Lynn – Paper of Pins (revisited)
Gene Brigham – My Life
Adam Searan – Last
Faith Jackson – Real Good, Feel Good
Noah Smith – We Are on Fire
Faith Jackson – Fly Away with Me

LISTEN NOW on the Mullins Mania Radio Archives!

The Northwest Georgia Music Hour airs every Wednesday at noon on 95.7 The Ridge FM and is sponsored weekly by Stephens’ Music Company in Rome, GA, USA.

This blog serves as a compendium to MullinsMania.com, celebrating the talent of Rome and Northwest Georgia. Thanks!





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