A visit with Avoid the Spiral!

July 6, 2017

L-R: Richard Couey, Matt Minter, Chase Cowan, Christian Blankenship (pic by Stu! Thanks!) *Bobby Ayers missed the photo but made it to the show.

Avoid the Spiral has participated in some great shows in the last couple of years. The last time I caught them was in the Schroeder’s Courtyard for the Turn Your Back on Hate’s Change Starts at Home concert in May. I knew that night that it was high time for them to join us on The Northwest Georgia Music Hour. This week we enjoyed some recordings from their upcoming album, Victim of Circumstance. Naturally, we convinced them to perform some of the tracks in a stripped-down acoustic fashion, and we loved it. Here’s what we heard.

Shane West – Daddy’s Guitar
Scott Thompson – Alone in Memphis
Blacklight Crush – Perfect Storm
Nosecone Prophets – C’est La Vie
Avoid the Spiral – Bare Knuckle
Avoid the Spiral – Autumn (live)
Avoid the Spiral – Fake
Avoid the Spiral – Full Circle (live)
Graham & Vann – Elephant Shot Dead in the City

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