A visit with The Maddox Band

June 28, 2017

Kate Lovely, Brandon Maddox, and Sonny the Cat. (photo by Elizabeth Davis. Thanks!)

I really enjoyed the few times that I’ve been able to catch Brandon Maddox perform around town. It was a no-brainer to me that we’d love to have him as a guest on The Northwest Georgia Music Hour. At the time, we had no idea that he’d be joined by Kate Lovely. Her addition really put the icing on the cake and we certainly enjoyed our first encounter with The Maddox Band. Brandon’s songs and guitar playing is outstanding and the duo’s harmonies are sweet and powerful. I must admit, I should have had the mics a little less hot. There’s some peaking on the performance but hey, it’s live radio and I get pretty caught up in the moment. It still sounds great to me. Here’s what we heard.

Gene Brigham – Free
Craig Conway – Move On
Tina & The Goose – Hurricane
South of Heaven – It Ain’t Mine
The Maddox Band – Neon’s Glow (live)
The Maddox Band – Kissin’ in the Rain (live)
The Maddox Band – Tennessee Street Party (live)
The Maddox Band – Living Reckless (live)
The Maddox Band – If We’re Gonna Leave (live)

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The Northwest Georgia Music Hour airs every Wednesday at noon on WATG 95.7 The Ridge and is sponsored weekly by Stephens’ Music Company in Rome, GA. We love them.

This blog is a compendium to MullinsMania.com, celebrating the talent of Rome and Northwest Georgia! Thanks!


Mullins, Kate, Brandon (pic by Stu. Thanks!)


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