A Solstice Celebration with the Stereotrash Summer Sampler, Vol. 2!

June 23, 2017


On what other radio station in the world would you get to hear the Stereotrash Records Summer Sampler, Vol. 2? That’s right. None of them! Only on 95.7 The Ridge’s The Northwest Georgia Music Hour could such fresh material be enjoyed. And what better day could that be heard than on the first day of summer? This is only one of many reasons that the future of music in Northwest Georgia is brighter than all get out and hotter than a brand from the headpiece to the staff of Ra. Here’s what we heard.

John Stone – Frozen Margaritas and Leftover Pizza
Ethos – Agnosia
David Bell – Next to Nothing
Boxwine & The Brewnettes – Summer Sandwiches
Cannon & The Boxes – More to Do
Graham & Vann – Elephant Shot Dead In the City
The Donors – Top Keeps Spinning
Tina & The Goose – Hurricane
Muletide Perkins – Cool, Dry Place
The Barbaric Yawps – Super Brain
The Kamikaze Dali – Mannequin Dance

LISTEN NOW on the MullinsMania Radio Archives!

The Northwest Georgia Music Hour airs every Wednesday at noon on 95.7 The Ridge and has always been sponsored by Stephens’ Music Company in Rome, GA.

This blog is a compendium to MullinsMania.com, celebrating the talent of Rome and Northwest Georgia! Thanks for caring!

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