A visit with Kara and Jeremy of The Kamikaze Dali!

May 4, 2017
The Kamikaze Dali Compendium

L-R: Stu, Jeremy Wells, Kara Murphy, Mullins (pic by Matt D. Thanks!)

The Kamikaze Dali have a sound that is truly their own, which is why Stu and I take pride in sharing their music on The Northwest Georgia Music Hour every time an opportunity provides. It’s been two years since their previous self-titled album appeared but we still keep it in rotation as if it was just released. That’s why we’ve been looking forward to this week’s episode, where we would hear tracks from the brand new album, Three River Revelry, for the first time. We were not disappointed, at all. We were the opposite of that, and then some.

The Kamikaze Dali album release party will be held in the Schroeder’s Courtyard on Saturday, May 13th. I recommend catching the show and bringing enough cash to take home the CD. Here’s what we heard.

Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret. – Fixin’ to Die
The Barbaric Yawps – Bring Me a Leaf
South of Heaven – It Ain’t Me
The Kamikaze Dali – The Mannequin Dance
The Kamikaze Dali – Motion
The Kamikaze Dali – Blackberry Winter
The Kamikaze Dali – The Cold
The Kamikaze Dali – The Numbing

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The Kamikaze Dali Compendium2

Hanging out with Kara and Jeremy

Kamikaze Dalie May 13th

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