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A Visit from David Bell

January 27, 2016

Possibly the only selfie you’ll ever see D Bell agree to.

Having been interested in the local music scene in Northwest Georgia over the years, I’m still consistently surprised at how deep the talent runs in this neck of the woods. Because of that, I remain grateful to the artists that first caught my attention and sparked me to be interested in said scene. David Bell is definitely one of those guys and I’m sure I can get an “Amen” from almost anyone who’s reading this right now.

So, Stu McFab was pleased to mention that David would finally be available for a Wednesday and I’m sure glad he did. Having Stu and David in the same room is like having a musical encyclopedia conversing with itself, plus jokes. Plus David shared some music with us that we previously had no access to. It was fun.

WeDunIt – Chuck E’s in Love
Winston Craig Wallin – Daddy’s Song
David E. Elliott – Dogs Day Out
David Bell – 315 E. 1st St. (Meet Me At The Bar)
Dirt Dobbers – Stranger of Kindness
Thunderbolt Patterson – 11 Months and 29 Days
David Bell – Donald, Juan, and Howard (Right Outside of Town)
David Bell – Done With Me
David Bell – King of Nothing

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Roots Rock for Women’s Lives 2016

January 22, 2016


Let’s be honest, January can be kind of blah. Fortunately for us here in Rome and Northwest Georgia, we have something to look forward to when it comes to live entertainment of the musical variety. Even with a wintery mix upon us, this weekend offers quite a lot to choose from. One annual event known for showcasing some of the area’s talent is happening this Saturday at the 400 Block Bar. It’s the 4th Annual Roots Rock for Women’s Lives concert, a benefit for Rome’s Women of W.O.R.T.H. Health Clinic, featuring Atomic Boogie, The John Lee Hookers, and The Briars. In other words, you can come downtown, support a great local group, and get your face rocked. Women of W.O.R.T.H’s own Kristen Sheeley joined me and Stu McFab this week on The Northwest Georgia Music Hour. It was fun! Here’s what we heard.

Nanyana Summer – I’ll Wait
Arlo Finch – Stop Along the Way
Lon Eldridge – Long Gone
Atomic Boogie – Coolest Cats in Town
The Briars – Desperate Teresa
The John Lee Hookers – I’m Comin’ Home
South of Heaven – Steady Hand
Bennie Gray & The Trailer Park Cowboys – Killer
Backswing – If I Had Money

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The Northwest Georgia Music Hour airs every Wednesday at noon on 95.7 The Ridge and is always sponsored by Stephens’ Music Company in Rome.
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Mullins Can’t Stay Away from the Northwest Georgia Music Hour

January 14, 2016

Hamming it up at the updated 95.7 The Ridge studio.

It was around six months ago that I decided to take a break from The Northwest Georgia Music Hour. My weeks were whizzing past me at light speed and I felt like I needed to reevaluate my schedule. Maybe I should look into other potential passions like badminton or furniture store browsing. Fortunately, with the continuing sponsorship from Stephens’ Music Company, Matt D and Stu McFab stepped up the the plate and not only kept the show alive but delivered incredible weekly episodes jam-packed with healthy local goodness. I am forever grateful for that. The time away allowed me to refocus on how my time was being spent, and I couldn’t help but realize that being able to host this show was not only a blessing, but an opportunity to contribute to the community that I love. The talent here is vast, and I look forward to sharing and enjoying it to the best of my ability as I return to The Northwest Georgia Music Hour, which of course, airs every Wednesday at noon on 95.7 The Ridge FM. I lounged out this past Wednesday while Stu spun some quality tunes and I was glad. Here’s what we heard.

Booze Mountaineers – Crazy Mama
Chris Weinholtz – Carolina Rain
Clay Broome – Half Horse Town
Willie Heath Neal – Out of Highway
Kira Annalise – What I Do Best
Gene Brigham – Coosa
Phil Helton – Banjo Holler
David Bell – Cows & Wire
Donny Hammonds – I’m Your Man

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