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Donny Hammonds Band joins Stu McFab on The Northwest Georgia Music Hour.

November 20, 2015


This week on The Northwest Georgia Music Hour Stu McFab was joined by The Donny Hammonds Band (Donny Hammonds, Tim Coelho & Chris Moore). As usual, a great time was had by all. Donny had joined us once before and performed live in at the station. This time we got to meet Tim and Chris and find out more about the band that Donny put together around six months ago. They are some cool dudes. Now I’m looking forward to checking out the trio in full amplified swing. That shouldn’t take long since Donny is always playing around the region. Here’s what we heard on the show.

David Bell – The Monster You Were
The Barbaric Yawps – I Am a Pilgrim
Clay Broome – You’ll Come Around
Donny Hammonds Band – I’m OK
Donny Hammonds Band – Heaven’s Gate
Donny Hammonds Band – Trail of Broken Tears (live)
Donny Hammonds Band – On the Roll (live)
Donny Hammonds Band – Just a Thousand Miles Away (live)
Donny Hammonds Band – Hobo Blues (live)

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The 200th Episode of The Northwest Georgia Music Hour!

November 15, 2015


It’s so hard to believe that The Northwest Georgia Music Hour has reached two hundred episodes. It seems like only yesterday that 95.7 The Ridge, Stephens’ Music Company, and teamed up to create a show focused on enhancing our community by celebrating it’s talented musicians. It has truly been a blast. We started out just spinning recorded music from Northwest Georgia artists. Eventually we started inviting them to the studio to visit and perform live. We’ve met so many kind and talented individuals. We’ve had so much fun and laughed way too much for a music show. We’ve grieved the loss of loved ones. We’ve celebrated milestones of individuals and the community as a whole. And we’re looking forward to making more memories in the future. We sure had a fun time this past Wednesday as Stu McFab and I played some live cuts from some of our favorite artists, and just got plain weird. Here’s what we heard.

Stu McFab, Tom Bavis, Julia Barnes – Bryan Mullins In It
Clay Broome – Stupid Boy
The Strange – But I Do
Scott Thompson – Something About The Rain
Gene Brigham – Coosa
Donny Hammonds – I’m You Man
Muletide Perkins – Leftovers (live)
Bob Z. – Bryan Mullins In It (live)
Muletide Perkins – Can’t Sing Blue (live)

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