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Concert for Amy featuring the return of The Beatless!

September 2, 2015

Concert for Amy

Episode #189 of The Northwest Georgia Music Hour was just a great time hanging out with Matt D, Gene Brigham, and John Schroeder. The subject was A Concert for Amy, which was enjoyed by many on Saturday, August 29th. The Concert was not only a tribute to the late Amy Brigham, but also a fundraiser to the Humane Society. It was a great night for Amy’s friends and family to come together with supporters of the Humane Society for some great music and memories. The evening featured local favorites like Gary Greene, David Bell, Montie Esworthy, and a special reunion show from The Beatless, who haven’t performed since 2009, but was a fab four tribute band that was a treat for anyone. The conversation with Matt D, John, and Gene is a laid back visit to friends, family, great times, and of course, The Beatles. Here’s what we heard.

Booze Mountaineers – Lost Along the Way
Bennie Gray & The Trailer Park Cowboys – What the Devil Ain’t Got
The Beatless – Every Little Thing
The Beatless – Don’t Let Me Down
The Beatless – 20 Flight Rock
The Beatless – From Me To You

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