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The Northwest Georgia Musical Potpourri!

July 18, 2015

Potpourri Blog

It’s not every day that Reginald Hodgepodge’s Smorgasbordium presents Northwest Georgia’s First Annual Musical Potpourri, but it sure is happeningĀ on July 18th, 2015! From 4 to 11pm the Schroeder’s Courtyard will be loaded with bands and fans of Northwest Georgia artists. For only $10 you’ll be able to catch the aural stylings of The Strange, Tir Asleen, ETHOS, Men & Mountains, My Ninja, Muletide Perkins Trio, and Katrina Barclay. You won’t want to miss a moment of this onslaught of sound and vision. Find out more about it on the facebook invite. We’ll see you there!

You probably also heard some of these bands this week onĀ 95.7 The Ridge as they were featured on the Northwest Georgia Music Hour’s Musical Potpourri episode! If you didn’t catch it, you can listen right now or whenever on the MullinsMania Radio Archives.

This blog is a compendium to, where you’ll find out where all the sounds can be found in Rome and Northwest Georgia! Thanks!