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Shanghi Slim Benefit Ball was a Success!

August 15, 2012

Last Saturday night was witness to the power of music and friends and how the two intertwine. When Jim Maddux (aka Shanghi Slim while drumming with My Ninja) was diagnosed with cancer, the blow was felt by a large circle of local musicians, friends, co-workers and pretty much everyone who knows Jim. It’s not uncommon to agree with someone that Jim is a great guy, and the turnout at The City Loft in Cartersville proved that there are quite a few of others who agree.

Jim’s Ninja posse (Phil Orton, Johnny Peyton, Paul Rowell) and other friends organized a concert fundraiser to help pay for some of those blasted medical bills that comes along with cancer. Jerry on the MoonKira AnnaliseMuletide Perkins TrioCody BeardenMy NinjaIambic Underground, and Einstein’s Apartment provided a night of fresh and diverse music and a great time was had by all.

Pauly Cannon had this to offer, “”It was great to see so many people come together and working hard for a great cause and a dear loved one. The power of music and love is a very amazing force! I was truly humbled and blessed to be apart of an incredible night!”

Phil Orton added this, “The Benefit for Jim was a HUGE success! I want to  thank Johnny Peyton and My Ninja, Jerry on the Moon, Kira Annalise, Muletide Perkins Trio, Codey Bearden, Iambic Underground, Einstein’s Apartment, Paul “Pauly Cannon” Rowell, Regina Harrison, Jules Bloeth, and all the performers who played and sang, wow what a night. Special extra thanks to Miles Seamen who basically took the steering wheel from me and drove this whole thing, Adam Smalley who went above and beyond as always, Joel Bridges for lending his talents and gear, Glen Falkenstein for engineering the great sound all night, Paul Rowell for his talents, muscles and his big heart. We put in weeks and hours, sweat and tears, and raised $2,500.00, which is more than we had hoped for. Thanks to Bob and the staff at The City Cellar and Loft, and thanks to everybody who donated and attended! Jim felt the love and is greatly appreciative! Never seen so many grown men shed a tear in one place – yours truly included! Peace Out” – Phil “Philthy Rock Star” Orton

However, the bills keep piling for Jim. If you weren’t able to make it to the show and would like to make a contribution, you can make a donation on the My Ninja store.